DC Jammu launches IIMC students’ magazine

Jammu. Ms. Avny Lavasa, Deputy Commissioner of Jammu, launched IIMC students’ magazine ‘Hashtag’ in her office on Monday. This magazine is the initiative of the students of Digital Media course of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Northern Regional Campus, Jammu. Issue editor Sakshi Chaurasia showed the magazine to the DC and told her that the theme of the first issue of the magazine was ‘Flash and Tales’ and contained pictures clicked by the students and their thoughts about those pictures. Anchal Srivastava and Komal Soni of the editorial team also briefed the DC about the initiative.

During interaction with students, Ms.Lavasa said the expectation of an administrative officer from journalists is that they should be fair and hear both sides of a story. “Unfortunately, standards of journalism have deteriorated and the focus has shifted towards sensationalism rather than the quality of content. But that’s true of other fields, too,” she said.

When students asked her for tips to budding journalists, she said, “Whatever be the profession, gender or quality of your work, at the end of the day if you are a good person, you will be remembered.” Remembering her college days, she said after becoming an IAS officer, everything changes. “Qualities like empathy and sense of responsibility increase greatly when you see people and events on ground,” she said. Ms. Lavasa appreciated the work done by the IIMC students.

Prof. Rakesh Goswami, Regional Director of IIMC, said, “Producing a magazine is a good practical exposure to the students of Digital Media course. Results of these initiatives will manifest when the students get into the industry.” Dr. Vinit Utpal, Assistant Professor and coordinator of Digital Media Course of IIMC, Jammu and Mr. Vishv, Assistant Professor, said, “The very first edition of the magazine is special since all the students explored Jammu for the very first time and thus shared their initial impressions about the city of Jammu.”