Chib addresses party workers meeting at Badyal Brahmina

SUCHETGARH : R S Chib, Former Minister and General Secretary Democratic Azad Party addressed a party workers meeting at Badyal Brahmina in which a large number of prominent persons including a Naib Sarpanch and panchs participated.
They all unanimously extended their support to Democratic Azad Party and also spoke about their prob- lems faced by them, especial- ly after the J&K Sate has been made Union Territory. The speakers expressed their main concern, regarding the Road, the irrigation sector and the un-employment faced by the Youth.
Chib while addressing the meeting, criticised the Government, for total lack of Development in the Rural areas, as compared to urban cities and the unemployment among the youth is at the peak.
While talking about the tall claims made by the present Govt. and BJP regarding the policy of Development, Chib said that our farmers residing in Border belt of R S Pura, have suffered due to the
severe damage caused to Ranbir Canal, which could not be repaired for more than three months and Jammu – Suchetgarh Road, a stretch of 25 kms could not be complet- ed, for last many years.
He said with great concern that thousands of Tourists are visiting Suchetgarh Border, everyday and especially on Saturday and Sunday to wit- ness the ceremonial Parade, conducted by our BSF Battalion. He further added that this road from R S Pura to Suchetgarh has been declared as National Highway and brought under the Highway Authority of India. This had already been announced by the Union Minister for Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari.
Chib also spoke about the mistreatment given to the dis- placed persons of POJK of 1947.They were totally disre- garded for a very long time, except a small amount of ex- gratia given to them about five decades before. He further added that the displaced per- sons of 1947 living outside should be treated at par with these living inside the J&K U.T. Jb. G.N. Azad, then CM of J&K State has recommend to the GOI, that a minimum of Rs. 25 to 30 lacs should be given to each family as Rehabilitation package but these amount has been reduced to Rs. 5.5 Lacs. He said the GOI, should review their decision and this amount needs to be enhanced.
Chib said that the Democratic Azad Party demands, restoration of state- hood, guarantee of Jobs and the land for the locals only. He said it is beyond the under- standing of everyone, that why the elections are delayed. He demanded and early elections and restoration of statehood at the earliest.
Those who attended the meeting included Bharat Sharma, Anoop Khajuria, JS Jung- N/S. Pooja Devi, Sunita Kaur, Mangat Ram, Waryam Chand, Raji Sharma all panchs, Inder Sharma Ex-Panch, Bodh Raj, Paras Ram, Ch. Behari Lal, Krishan Lal, Ramesh Kumar,Vijay Sharma and Rakesh Kumar.