Celebrating the Constitution Day also known as Samvidhan Divas today every Indian feeling it to be a moment of pride commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India on 26th November 1949 by the Constituent Assembly of India, while it came into effect on 26th January 1950.Today is the most appropriate day for salutations to the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar, whose appeal remains undiminished among large segments of the people even today. The main objec- tive of the celebration today and henceforth is to uphold the ideals and values of the Constitution and create an India that will make its founding fathers proud. The incumbent Union government with its multiple ministries is leaving no stone unturned to make the celebration much broader by holding majority of functions this year too. While there needs to be active as well as maximum participation in such pro- grammes yet the real success behind such celebration can be achieved only by the active citizens of this great nation who need to make it sure that the purpose of the celebration does not remain confined to only 26th November but the aims and objectives should appear to have been translated on ground in true letter and spirit. In this direction the impor- tant part of celebration has always been reading of the pre- amble of Indian constitution in the school assemblies which is undoubtedly remarkable idea as this measure undoubted- ly reminds the school going section of the population of the spirit and purpose of the constitution of India which they are expected to strive for being a substantial part of Indian soci- ety. More such programmes need to be initiated by multiple agencies both official and non-governmental agencies by organizing debates and discussions on the Constitution in the institutions of higher education throughout the year.
Every one of us needs to work relentlessly for this national cause. It is the right occasion to realize that the basic philos- ophy embedded in our constitution is that of building an egalitarian society without fear or bias and ensuring that the people elect the government of their choice. It needs to be well understood that the Constituent Assembly which met for 166 days over two years, 11 months and 18 days devised the basic political system of the republic in such a form that its ideals flourish forever. Therefore when we cel- ebrate Constitution Day we once again reaffirm our faith in those ideals which should be reflected in our day to day life.
In this context it would not be wrong to say that our Constitution is a ray of hope that symbolises harmony, opportunity, people’s participation and equality. Primarily the Parliamentarians and other Law makers should leave no stone unturned to match up to expectations of people espe- cially by ensuring smooth, creative and meaningful debates and discussions in the Parliament and State legislatures during every session as per expectations of the nation. After all by resorting to unwanted disruptions in the highest tem- ple of democracy the MPs who have taken oath under the Constitution do bring their performance under the shadow of doubt. So let all the Indians right from the grass roots level to those in the highest temple of Indian democracy on this historic occasion of ‘Samvidhan Divas’ come together and take a pledge to uphold the ideals and values of the Constitution by making these part and parcel of our daily life.