CBC holds Multimedia Exhibition at Jhiri Mela

JAMMU : The Centre Bureau of Communication(CBC) under the banner of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is conducting a 5 day Multimedia Exhibition at Jhiri Mela Jammu. “The exhibition of pre- inde- pendence struggle is the main attraction of the event as it pro- vides an opportunity to learn about the contributions of the freedom fighters. Jhiri Mela is one of the finest destinations of Jammu Kashmir which receives maximum footfall of north India devotees. Keeping this in view, CBC is conducting five days long multimedia exhibition here from 7 November to 11,” Gulam Abbas Joint Director CBC told Greater Jammu.
This exhibition is also pro- viding a platform to the local folk artists and scholars of Jammu to perform their talents, Abbas added.
Abbas stated, “Various local Dogra artists including singers,
dancers, poets, folk musician and others are participating in the event with full enthusiasm since the very first day of the exhibition. ”
Photos of pre independence which are exhibited here are also historical and special in kind as they are available only at the photo division of MIB.
Photo exhibition starts from the entry of Europeans into India and ends with the contribution of Brig Rajinder Singh who was
the Chief of State Forces of Maharaja Hari Singh and scari- fied his life while saving Jammu Kashmir from the Pakistani raiders in 1947, Abbas said.
A Quiz competition is also an attraction of the exhibition where youth can win the attrac- tive prizes by answering ques- tions on Independence struggle, Abbas said.
The whole event of Multimedia exhibition is being conducted under ‘Azadi ke Amrit Kaal Mahovstav’ to spread the awareness about the unsung heroes of India Independences.