Be A Garland Of Flowers


Life is a bouquet of beautiful, soft and fragrant flowers. Flowers are an expression of subtleness, tenderness, gentleness, patience and tolerance.

Fragrant flowers are offered to God to make our life fragrant with wisdom and cultivate divine virtues.

We then become garland of fragrant flowers ourselves to adorn God. For this, we must first charge our docile emotions into divine emotions every single day by embedding positive resolutions and affirmations into our thinking and belief patterns.

This aids in blossoming of the flower of intuition in us. Intuition is the highest form of manifestation of divine grace. It is vital for human beings as it has the ability to aid us to go tangentially to solve a foreseen situation or avoid a problem.

Else, problems breed negative emotions of dejection, fear, fury, jealousy, anger, and impatience that is detrimental for intuition to germinate in us. Intuition requires a firm, stable soil called the ‘tranquil mind’ —Samadhan Sthithi.

We have to make a perennial effort to be calm and at peace with ourselves as well as others so that the seed of intuition begins to sprout. Even if one negative thought or emotion persists, it resists the flow of intuition thereby resisting divine grace from flowing to us.

So far, our understanding of divine grace has been limited to good health, abundant wealth, name and fame.

These are only the fruits of divine grace. The starting point or the seed for these fruits is intuition.

Understanding the needs of the body, ideas for making money, smart moves as to when to gear up, when to slow down, all these are revealed to us only through intuition.

Intuition flows to all of us even now, but intermittently. This is because we may react to a situation at the drop of a hat, be harsh or rude, feel desperate or be provoked. Instead, let your thoughts be as soft as a flower. Speak with heart-felt tender emotions.

Visualise the beauty and attributes of the flower you like the most. For example, if you like red rose, visualise the feeling of its colour, soft texture, strong fragrance and the beauty in itself despite having thorns in its stem.

Thorns do not affect the softness of the rose. Likewise, our life too is at times soft and many times thorny. We must not allow the soft texture of our life to be torn by the thorns of negativity.

No matter what our surrounding is like, we can be untouched, be bold and beautiful if we allow the divine attributes to become a part of our being.

Contributed By

Shri Shri Nimishanand Guruji