While successive governments rolled out multiple policies and projects for the welfare and better- ment of the society in India especially during the past about eight years, at the same time not much substantial as desired could be achieved from these and of course it was and still is our attitude towards life and society as a whole that has been responsible for the failure to obtain the desired results. Though the government men and machinery have been making relentless efforts in raising awareness about the dire need for every individual to contribute one’s bit in this direction, yet it seems that this awareness does not lead to the desired action on ground. Since India has been a land of saints and sages where strict adherence to the moral values was the characteristic feature of its Civilization, as a result of this it had touched the pinna- cle of glory in the past. Today there is a dire need to conduct introspection at individual level, replace cos- metic participation with meaningful participation in order to ensure that we are able to achieve optimum results from the schemes and projects launched in India. There undoubtedly has to be a proactive participation by each and every individual for which appropriate attitude and mentality needs to be adopted by one and all. While endorsing and appreciating the launching of any scheme, there is a dire need to focus mainly on prepar- ing the masses for the movement by educating them on adopting positive and healthy attitude. It cannot be dis- puted that by simply adopting the requisite attitude based on moral values and rich ethos of the Indian Civilization when it was enjoying pristine glory, there would be no need for any special campaign for ensur- ing success of any scheme. As of today the majority of Indians remain preoccupied with the procurement of square meal a day and generally they care very less about other issues. Even today it is really unfortunate to witness people spitting where ever they want, walls at almost all the public places turned into canvas of differ- ent designs with the spats of Gutka and other such materials besides a number of other instances that reflect the shortcomings in the attitude of the people across the nation. This is really a matter of great con- cern. Nobody bothers to contribute a bit at individual level perceiving that it is the duty of government. In such a scenario massive campaigns need to be launched by the government and NGOs to spread awareness and motivate citizens for active participation and the need to change mentalities and attitudes failing which even the best of the schemes will fizzle out.
Making people aware is important, but more important is that this awareness is converted into action on ground in true letter and spirit. In all the projects launched for the welfare of the World’s largest democ- racy the people need to adopt a proactive attitude at individual level. So let every individual realize the urge to rise to the occasion and come forward to become proactive partner in making every scheme launched by the government great success. This objective could be achieved not just by raising awareness but by convert- ing the said awareness into positive action in letter and spirit on ground for the success of every scheme launched by the government. After all, these schemes are launched for the welfare of the people.