Authorities trying to humiliate people of J&K amid ongoing land eviction drive: Sajad Gani Lone

Srinagar, Peoples Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone on Monday said that the authorities are trying to humiliate people of Jammu and Kashmir amid ongoing land eviction drive.

“What is the objective of the government of retrieving the land. Do they (authorities) want to retrieve land or do they want to humiliate the people of the Kashmir,” Lone said while addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Monday.

“I think humiliation is more important for the authorities”, he claimed.

Lone said that Jammu and Kashmir is part of India. “Did they (Government) retrieve the land from other parts of the country, he questioned.

He appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell who our Prime Minister is. “I was in misconception that you (Modi) is the Prime Minister of all people of India including Kashmir. Please tell me who is the Prime Minister of the poor people of Kashmir and who is my Prime Minister”, he questioned.

He said, “I think this government should understand that at the end of the day it is a makeshift temporary arrangement”.

He said that eviction drives of state land retrieval could have its merits but to start a work there is a system and law. The law of the land cannot be void and it has to be obeyed.

Sajad Lone said that daily videos are emerging on social media where the land of very poor people occupying two to three marlas of land are being retrieved and their houses are being bulldozed.

He said every day the statements do pour from the Lieutenant Governor’s office that no poor will be touched. “Either the videos which are emerging are false or the statements being issued from the LGs office are blatant lie”, he added.

“There is a system in the whole of India that before demolition a notice is served to the party, ” he said adding “it is not only the law of natural justice but it is the law of land to give a notice. I believe that they are providing notice to the rich but in villages where they are retrieving two to four marlas of land did they serve any notice”, he questioned.

He said everybody has his right to check his documents .

The Peoples Conference Chairman said “leave some bigger decisions to the new elected government that would come in future in Jammu and Kashmir, adding the present government cannot take all the decisions as they are not elected by the people”.

He said there are different laws in India for the states and for the Union Territories.

“You can’t do this….whosoever doing this is just a bunch of officers who are against the elected government, and against the people who want elections. They would not be here after two years when the elected government would take charge here. They are all tourists and doing too much destruction which would have serious implications”, he added.

“If you are creating homelessness or you are inventing homelessness here….who has to see the implications which would come for our children…..please get out of your arrogant mode”, he appealed.

He said “these few people who are sitting in the secretariat have never done any corruption and they are three monkeys of Gandhi Ji and who are out of secretary are plagued with dirt and corruption”.

He said that these few people have been given moral authority to bulldoze the houses of poor people.

“Let them understand the conflict of this region …We are trying to build our lives after going through strenuous efforts. Don’t become disruptors in our life”, he warned.

“We are not against the big land encroachers but should not touch with the poor, “he appealed.