AUM – Psychological State Of Consciousness



The ancient time people accepted that “AUM” was the first vibration of divine consciousness during creation. In fact, “AUM” is said to be the manifestation and name of the God who created the universe. Its Pranava Mantra, sacred symbol of Universe . It represents the sound of the universe and TRINITY (3  DEVAS) of Brahma, Vishnu and MAHESH. The vibration of the three aspects of A-U-M represent the  fullness of creation.

Symbolise AUM

Existence in the entire cosmos vibrates with an energy that is audible to a mystic as a humming vibration. Humming vibrations is produced by the atoms of the universe at different frequencies. Sanskrit word “Anahada Nada” (also called Anand Shabad in Guru Granth Sahib). Literally meaning unstruck sound or as vibrational atoms of the universe “without striking sound produced”.

Representation of Word “AUM”

The sound of AUM represents from the womb of creation to eventual destruction. The word “A” represents beginning, pioneer and emanation of the Universe and life. When a child
pronounce the word ‘ A ‘.This sound formed with open lips and it echo in the foremost part of the mouth. It symbolize creation and Brahma is the God of Creation.


Brahma positioned on a lotus shows that he is always rooted in the Ultimate Reality, Supreme or Transcendent remains hidden beneath surface awareness. Four heads of Brahma indicate the manifestation  of Consciousness, Intellect, Ego and conditioned-consciousness. Thought functions within them but Human Consciousness is a transcendent Witness to everything.

In psychological state of consciousness “A” indicated Waking Consciousness, conditioned by time and space. The conscious mind predominates this state, where the mind is under influence of thought impressions and desires (covert ).This state is expressed through the quality of activity, heat and energy Rajas Guna. “U” This sound is generated from the back of the mouth with closed mouth. It indicated the sustenance of the universe; middle between creation and destruction.

Vishnu is its Principal Devta; worshipped as ten different incarnations, included Krishna.  Vishnu symbolise that the homeostasis in the universe through support of physical and spiritual laws. In psychological state of consciousness “U” indicated Dreaming Consciousness or REM sleep with the subconscious mind predominating awareness. Dreams at this level can either be stimulated by nerve cells firing as our conscious mind loses awareness, or they can arise from deeper levels of the psyche and
hold deep often symbolic meaning. The primary quality that represents this state is of ignorance and darkness, since in this state we are captivated by the Universe. This state is expressed ‘Tamas Guna’.

“M” sound is generate with closed teeth and lips and it echoes forward in the mouth and buzzes throughout the head. It symbolises the ending, destruction, and death of life in the universe. Mahesh or Shiva is the destroyer, his role is viewed as beneficial, destruction is necessary for creation and destruction can also represent sublimation of the lower energies to devotion. His third eye, which looks beyond the illusionary nature of manifest reality. His Snake cobra indicated death and Shiva’s conquest of it, and dormant energy,’Kundalini’, often pictured as a serpent at the base of the spine. His Crescent indicated his control over time. His Ashes on his body show that death is beneath all life .

In psychological state of consciousness “M” is linked with Dreamless Sleep, which is a deep sleep state without any disturbance of dreams. The unconscious mind holds influence at this level. This state of mind is often experienced by people with deep spiritual advancement. The ego has been left aside and a connection is experienced with the SOUL (Source Of Unique Light), which gives a special experience of bliss. The gun of Sattva means purity, serenity and light is the main quality at this state.

After the word “M”, we have silence which means turiya, which is the transcendental or Peak experience, supernatural fourth state of mind Superconscious mind predominates in this state called cosmic consciousness.