As the World celebrates the 77th anniversary of the United Nations Organization tomorrow, it is time for serious introspection of the functioning of the commit- tee of nations especially the stance and attitude of the big players at the helm of affairs of this world organization. The UN was formed after World War II with the aim of promoting peace across the world besides promoting and augmenting the efforts to end world hunger, ensuring access to clean water, human rights, disaster relief, refugee protection, anti- terrorism, environmental sustainability, and other fundamen- tal issues. This year the stated focus is on peace. The United Nations Association in NYC is commemorating the day with multiple events especially the inspiring 2022 UN Day Race on October 29 with the focus on the quite aptly chosen theme “Run, bike, or walk with us as we celebrate the UN’s 77th anniversary and recognize its tireless efforts to create a world in which everyone thrives in peace, digni- ty, and equality on a healthy planet.” Though after the World War II the globe did not witness any such tragedy till date, yet the fact remains that hostilities and cold wars have become routine affairs with the big powers calling the shots, besides the Dracula of terrorism having endangered the entire human civilization across the globe. Unfortunately, the big players continue to only ensure that their interests remain secure least bothering about the rest of the nations which are having a negligible say at the international fora including the UNO. While we have witnessed the UN peace keeping forces on ground at various places of conflict across the globe, yet it is a fact that these contingents have never had the say free of interference of big powers that have their own vested interests at stake. It would not be wrong to state that it is a result of the unwanted indulgence of the big powers especially the US and China that today we witness the trend of increasing frequency of acts of terror across the globe resulting in more deaths and destruction.
This would never have happened had the global leaders under the Umbrella of UNO sincerely and reasonably responded in unison to eliminate this menace. While the double standards followed by some powerful nations are an open secret today at the same time the impact of such nations in making the world body UNO innate in dealing with this issue is the most dangerous development for which ulti- mately the whole world will have to pay through nose. In this context the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi many a times rightly criticized the UN for failing to gauge the enor- mity of dangers of terror existing across the globe today.
Every civilized and sane person irrespective of region or reli- gion will fully endorse the PM’s timely warnings to the world body that it risks losing its relevance in the world if it does not act urgently to address the new age challenge of terror- ism. The stance of China in blocking Indian efforts to get traders of death taking refuge in PoK and Pakistan declared as global terrorists speaks volumes about the flaws within the system of the UNO and the double standards main- tained by powerful nations. This has been the greatest blun- der on the part of the big global players and unfortunately they are continuing their folly even today despite being at the receiving end at the hands of terrorism. It is this attitude of theirs that has led to the menace having assumed the dimension of a huge threat not only to any particular coun- try or region but the entire humanity. During the year 2015 alone, 90 countries suffered terror attacks in which thou- sands of people lost their lives and what could be more iron- ic that till date the United Nations is not mustering courage even to define terrorism, most probably due to the big play- ers’ vested interests. Those at the helm of affairs in the UNO need to be reminded about the end of League of Nations from the global affairs for its failure to prevent the World War due to its innate character when it was required to be most active. Today the World is witnessing a similar situation with every probability of a single spark leading to an unprece- dented inferno of wars with China playing shots to go ahead with its agenda of territorial expansion besides trying to establish that after US and European powers having been at the receiving end due to COVID-19 pandemic, China is the only global super power. Though there is not a World War as such but definitely the globe is presently at a flash point with Ukraine and Russia locking horns resulting in devastation of many cities and populations. This flashpoint issue needs to be addressed before it is too late. It is high time for the UNO to become proactive without any delay and lead the world against the terrorists and terror infrastructure to protect humanity besides reining in the nations like China, Pakistan and others which are blatantly violating the international laws. For accomplishing this task the nations from across the globe will have to embark on the mission to create a more sustainable United Nations.