Aqua jammers, multi-shot guns to tackle “Pak drones” on Indian borders

Jammu:  To counter the cross-border drone activities, Indian Army has installed aqua jammers and multi-shot guns along the Line of Control in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Notably, so far, over a dozen times, drone activity has been reported from the Pakistan side with a motive to deliver weapons, sticky bombs and other logistic support to their handlers on this side of the border.

“The Indian Army has installed aqua-jammers and multi-shot guns along the border to deal with “Pakistan’s nefarious design” of using drones to smuggle drugs, weapons and other consignments,” defence sources said.

They said that the modern and hi-tech gadgets have been installed just 400 meters from the Pakistan border on the LoC, adding, “the Indian Army is prepared to give a befitting reply to the drone conspiracy of the Pakistan for which aqua-jammers and multi-shot guns will foil the attempts made by the adversaries.”

As of now, they said that the Indian troops deployed on the border this year have several times foiled Pakistan’s conspiracy and recovered sticky bombs, IEDs and explosives after they shot down the flying objects.

“The aqua jammers will not only track the drone at a distance of 4900 meters but is also capable of freezing its activity,” they said adding that all designs of Pakistan will be effectively dealt with the installation of the gadgets.

“Besides, the multi-shot gun has the ability to shoot down the drone once tracked by the aqua jammer by triggering/firing rounds,” they said.

“Drone conspiracy hatched from across the border is a new challenge for the security forces but with an installation of hi-tech gadgets, the designs of the enemies will not be allowed to succeed,” sources asserted.

“The specially designed surveillance centers are monitoring every activity across the border with state-of-the-art PTZ cameras and the thermal imagers so that taking advantage of the geographical conditions, Pakistan does not carry out any mischief,” they revealed.

“After the installation of the modern equipment on the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir, it is expected that similar kinds of gadgets will also be deployed all along the international border so that Pakistan’s drone conspiracy can be given a befitting reply,” they added.