Apni Party to sit on hunger strike in support of refugees demand: Manjit


Apni Party provincial president, Jammu and former Minister, Manjit Singh said that they will continue their struggle for the rights of refugees and accordingly will sit on hunger strike on November 17, 2022 in Jammu to put pressure on the Government to release the pending package for the refugees.

Addressing a programme which was organised by provincial president, Youth, Vipul Bali, the former Minister pointed towards the economic backwardness of the refugees so that they can live a dignified life.

“They were assured by the Government of Rs 25 lakh as financial package but the refugees families were not given compensation till date,” he said and added that the Rs 5.5. lakh which was given to the refugees was not fully paid to many families and the pending amount is yet to be cleared i.e., Rs 25 lakhs,” he said.

He said that these families were displaced from one place to another due to the border hostile situation but the Government has not taken care of the refugees in Jammu and Kashmir and deprived them of their Constitutional right to get the relief package for their settlement.

He said that the refugees should be given property rights on the land allotted to them by the Government years back and they are cultivating it.

He said the Government must issue orders to give property rights to the refugees enabling them to get compensation for the land they have been holding for decades.

He said that the Apni Party will continue its struggle for the upliftment of the refugees to upgrade their living standard.

He said that the Apni Party will sit on hunger strike on November 17 in support of the refugees to put pressure on the Government to release the pending package.

Meanwhile, Vipul Bali demanded a special recruitment drive for the refugee youth in Jammu and Kashmir Police, Paramilitary and Indian Army.

He said that unemployment is increasing among the refugee youths.

Prominent among those who were present on the occasion include additional general secretary (Organisation) Arun Chibber, provincial Legal Cell president, Vikram Rathore, district vice president, Vaibhav Mattoo, provincial secretary, Vishal Jotshi, district general secretary, Sardesh Rana, provincial secretary, Youth, Suhail Khajuria and others.