All-time record of 3.65 lakh tourists visited Srinagar Tulip Garden

Srinagar,  The extraordinary rush of tourists visiting Asia’s largest Tulip Garden situated on the foothills of Zabarwan in Srinagar is breaking all the past records as 3.65 lakh have visited the garden during the past one month.

The number of tourists visiting the Tulip garden near Dal Lake surpassed the last year’s record of 3.60 lakh on Tuesday when 8,094 tourists including 7,902 domestic, 116 foreigners and 71 locals visited the garden taking the total to all time high 3,65,624, Floriculture Officer Tulip Garden Shayiq Rasool told UNI.

The record number including 3, 03,870 domestic, 3,154 foreigners and 58,600 locals visited the Tulip garden during the past 30 days to enjoy the mesmerizing nature in the lap of Zabarwan hills near the famous Dal Lake.

He said the highest number of 35, 106 tourists including 12,204 domestic, 76 foreigners and 22,826 locals visited the garden on March 22, followed by 23,212 including 21,340 domestic, 68 foreigners and 1,804 locals on April 2 this year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24 tweeted in praise of the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir which gave momentum to the flow of tourists visiting Kashmir valley, especially the Tulip garden on the foothills of Zabarwan in Srinagar.

“Jammu and Kashmir is beautiful, and even more so during the Tulip season”, the Prime Minister had tweeted.

The impact of the Prime Minister’s tweet regarding Jammu and Kashmir and Tulip season had a good effect and gave an impetus to the flow of tourists to the Tulip Garden.

This year four new varieties of Tulip were imported from Holland as part of over 16 lakh blossomed bulbs which added more charisma to the garden.

The four new varieties of Tulips with a rainbow of colors — Cap knowya, Sweet heart, Hamilton and Christmas dream– have been imported from Holland and became a part of the sprawling garden this year.

Usually 68 colourful varieties of Tulip bulbs besides eye-catching flowers of Daffodil, Hyssen, Muscari, spring blooming shops and trees in the garden remain the eye-catching attractions for the visitors and these new four added an additional glamor to the garden.

A water channel which was existing only in the middle of the garden was extended upto the top of the terrace. Besides, a number of fountains were also added to make the environment look more mesmerizing.

A high rise fountain at the top of the garden resembles a jewel into the nature of the garden also.

Free wheelchairs for the specially abled people and senior citizens are available to move around the garden besides other facilities for the visiting tourists.