Al Qaeda Attempting To Exploit Rising Hindu-Muslim Tensions: Report


A report put together by a leading think tank on global security issues has stated that the Al Qaeda is attempting to exploit the rising tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India.

In reports- ‘Al Qaeda In The India Subcontinent: The Nucleus Of Jihad In South Asia’, the Soufan Centre, which was founded by former FBI agent Ali Soufan, has said that the growing communal divide and increased incidences of violent attacks on Muslims in India has created an atmosphere of fear and exacerbated tensions between the two religious communities.

The report also talked about how the situation in Kashmir ‘has taken an unprecedented turn’. For the first time since the onset of conflict in Kashmir, the region is responding to the appeal of groups like Al-Qaeda.

Local Kashmiris lead the AQIS wing in the contested territory which reflects the growing Islamization of Kashmiri militancy.