Airfield Security Review Meeting held in Air Force Station, Jammu


Jammu Airfield Security review meeting was held at Air Force Station Jammu with Village Heads of areas in immediate vicinity of Jammu Airfield along with representatives from concerned civil agencies to discuss important areas of concern related to Airfield Security and Aerospace Safety for safe aircraft operations at Jammu. The meeting was chaired by the Air Commodore GS Bhullar, AOC Air Force Station Jammu along with key officials from AAI and civil agencies. In the meeting, the AOC highlighted his deep concerns on the need for exercising strict vigil for any untoward occurrences, suspicious activities or drone sighting and requested the stakeholders to promptly report any such abnormal activity. The vital issue of maintaining a safe flying environment around the airfield was also brought out wherein he expressed his deep concerns on rampant garbage dumping around Jammu airport and how it is contributing to heightened bird activity and might lead to a potential aircraft accident. He urged all the village heads and civic agencies to pro-actively report open dumping in the areas around airfield and initiate steps to educate citizens in their areas towards better waste segregation and disposal for a safer flying environment at Jammu.
Critical areas where rampant garbage disposal continues in vicinity of Jammu airfield were also brought forward during the meeting with a request to civic agencies to promptly act on such reckless garbage dumping which endangers safe aircraft operations.