Air India pilot unions warn of going to ‘any extent’ if any member is terminated


Indicating that they are ready for a showdown with the Tata Group-owned Air India management over its “unilateral” decision to revise the salary structure and service conditions, the two pilot unions at the airline warned the management of going to “any extent” to protect their members.

Meanwhile, a source said that chief human resources officer Suresh Dutt Tripathi on Monday allayed all apprehensions about the revamped compensation structure, saying that the contract is a “compilation of applicable policies and existing rules.” On April 17, Air India rolled out a revamped compensation structure for its pilots and cabin crew, which has since been rejected by the two unions — Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) and Indian Pilots Guild (IPG).

As part of the revised structure, though it increased the flying allowance component to 40 hours from 20 hours earlier, it failed to bring it back to 70 hours, which Air India pilots were entitled to prior to the Covid pandemic.