In today’s globalized world undoubtedly those who are focused on their goal and want to achieve something in life do not require any support as they know and realize quite well that the Power of Knowledge is the biggest power in the 21st Century and that satisfaction is a major strength in life, which builds a strong human being. Staying focused to achieve goal in life is the key to achieve success for the students studying in different fields at various levels across the nation and abroad. So far as the present situation is concerned the Indian academic institutions need to adopt a more proactive approach to highlight their credentials on the world stage so that they do not lag behind in global rankings especially in view of the fact that these institutions are yet to create any substantial impact at the global level. There is a dire need for seriously assessing the situation especially by those at the helm of affairs in governance and dealing with education sector. While the students have a significant role in further enhancing the status of the nation to the optimum at the global level, it is not possible unless the government is also proactive in this regard and implements the policies for the nation with utmost precision keeping in mind the local necessities. No doubt the nation has been showing consistency in economic growth pattern, leading the world in terms of information and technology, modernization, various economic activities and pushing for higher share of industries and services sectors of the economy, there is one area which still needs rigorous reform and it is our education system. Despite making heavy investments, we are yet to establish world class facilities, recruiting profound academicians in universities, colleges, research institutions, etc. to bring the development on this front in conformity with the economic development. Though we have increased role of private sector during the recent years in the development of higher education standards, yet there is a dire need for more such institutions that meet certain global rating standards to come up in those areas in which this sector is lacking. In the broader background of the students as well as the government being the most significant stakeholders in this regard it is hoped that the students of newly formed Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir realize the necessity of remaining focussed in achieving their goals set by them. They need to believe in themselves and not carry the regrets of failing to hit their aim. They must move ahead with positivity and last but not the least, become the messengers of peace across the globe. At the same time the government needs to be proactive in this regard and adapt the educational policies from time to time with utmost precision keeping in mind the local necessities as well as the aim of achieving a respectable position at the global level.