Achieving Good Governance Day


While Good Governance Day was celebrated on 25th December, once again we need to reiterate the resolve to continue relentless efforts in the direction of achieving the objectives behind celebrating this day across the nation. The day is being celebrated every year on this day since 2014 to achieve the objectives of making people aware about the government commitment for providing a transparent and accountable administration in the country; enhancing the welfare and betterment of the people; standardizing the government functioning and making it a highly effective and accountable governance for the citizens of the country; implementing the good and effective policies to complete a mission of good governance in India; enhancing the growth and development in the country through good governance and last but not the least bringing citizens closer to the government to make them active participants in the good governance process. Today the people in Jammu and Kashmir are reminded of the former Governor NN Vohra who successfully displayed his acumen par excellence during Governor’s rule by making the people of this state feel the good governance and that too in absence of people’s representative government in the state. That period will be remembered by the people for all times to come and should be a lesson for all the representative governments to emulate not only in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but across the nation. It needs to be recalled how during the Governor’s rule in J&K the Governor NN Vohra displayed astute qualities of an ace administrator from the Day-One of Governor’s Rule and one can’t help but appreciating Vohra for remaining fully committed to public welfare and leaving no stone unturned in order to show how governance can be made to reach the pinnacle ultimately benefitting the common people of this state who had experienced a lot of torment while fighting insurgency and terrorism for over two decades. However, the incumbent Governor SP Malik has surpassed even Vohra’s performance by taking remarkable decisions and disposing off matters that had been pending for long besides maintaining the good governance tempo from the day he took over the reins in his hands. The best part of Malik’s governance has been the easy and quick accessibility for the common people to the Gubernatorial Corridors that is undoubtedly unprecedented in this state. Moreover, the people can  feel that the Governor led SAC has a strong commitment towards work disposal and commitment against red tapism. This is evident from the relentless efforts of the SAC to achieve zero pendency by disposing off matters with utmost promptness. The essence of good governance lies in the fact that every important public matter especially those pertaining to common man receive timely attention and the same is visible on ground with Governor’s Advisors regularly listening to public grievances in both winter and summer capitals regularly and trying to address most of the grievances instantly just to ensure that every important matter received timely attention. It is a fact that today even technology if correctly applied can be a vital tool for empowering the citizens and for compelling accountability in the functioning of the governmental machinery. In this regard the Government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative is already aimed at establishing a knowledge economy and transforming the country into a digitally empowered society, which is the beneficiary of Good Governance. It is hoped that all the stakeholders especially those in governance take the Governor S.P. Malik’s message on the day as the key as he has quite rightly asserted that it should be the Government’s continuing endeavour to provide prompt, efficient, transparent and totally accountable administration for the betterment and welfare of the common citizen.   Let all the stake holders come together and commit to promote transparent and accountable governance for securing the rapid growth of the State and the well being of its people.