We spend most of day our trying to meet the demands of work to help us realize our goals and ambitions. There is no doubt that physical and mental well-being contributes towards success. A person, who is physically fit and in good health, has energy and stamina, performance levels are high and there is the abili- ty to cope with stress. The way you feel first thing in the morning is a good indication of your lifestyle and level of fitness.
It has been seen that a lifestyle, which is close to nature, is also a lifestyle, which can increase our level of physical fitness and well-being. A natural lifestyle means living in harmony with nature. We have seen that the further we go away from nature, the more we suffer. Our modern-day lifestyle can take us further away from good health, because it goes against the natural cycle of our body. Let us have a look at our modern lifestyle.
We go to sleep late, so getting up early becomes a real problem. Inadequate sleep leaves us with feelings of fatigue and lethargy. Already behind schedule, we somehow man- age to get through the morning chores and sacrifice those very activities, which are necessary for good health. We
find no time to exercise, or to have breakfast in a relaxed manner. We somehow gulp down a cup of coffee and rush to work, battling through traffic and also dealing with stress and anxiety.
We meet the hectic demands of work, have endless cups of tea or coffee and somehow manage to grab a bite of lunch, perhaps consisting of a hamburger, or a samosa and coffee, or aerated drinks. Such foods are most inadequate in terms of nutrition. After work, we face rush-hour traffic again and then meet the demands of the family. Then there is socializing. People drop in, or you are invited out to din- ner. While eating out, dinner is served late; you eat rich, spicy food and heavy desserts. By the time you get home, it is late and you are exhausted. You somehow manage to get to bed on a heavy meal, to catch up on some sleep. The next day, this whole cycle begins again. This kind of a lifestyle actually works against us. It means, we really need to pay attention to the different aspects, like diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation.
So here are some pointers for a healthy lifestyle: Take advantage of the morning. Set aside some time for daily exercise and relaxation. Both are necessary. You can do this by going to sleep and waking up half an hour early.
Start your day with 10 minutes of stretching exercises or a brisk walk. Then do deep breathing exercises for 5 minutes, followed by meditation for 15 minutes. This means you need to set aside about half an hour.
Exercise has tremendous benefits. It gives you strength, energy and stamina. It helps to reduce mental stress and pro- mote a sense of well being. It also helps in getting deep rest- ful sleep. Meditation is another useful way of coping with stress. Today, the western world is following the ways advo- cated by our ancient heritage, like yoga and meditation.
Have an early dinner – about 2 to 3 hours before you go to sleep. Go for a walk after dinner. A walk actually has a calming effect and reduces stress. Spend time with your family, watching television or playing games. Developing a loving calm home life can really help to take away the stresses and strains. Go to bed early as often as you can.
Catching up on sleep refreshes and revives.