As the Losar celebrations have commenced in the Cold Desert amidst devotion and fanfare it is time for the younger generation to focus and learn more about the ancient knowledge of the country in order to move forward, an advice to the youth reiterated time and again by the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama. One can clearly feel the dire need for value based education which is missing from the scene. India is lucky in terms of having the greatest youth force in the world as the vision of a nation lies in the hands of youth who are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. It will be a great wastage of human resources if these youth are not provided an opportunity to exercise their talent. There should be no doubt about it that given the proper guidance, direction and opportunities, the  Indian youth shall lead the nation towards achieving the highest place in the world order. It is a fact that the youth have to shoulder the responsibility of nation-building and that can be achieved through the medium of education and training alone. For this our education system needs to gear up to develop our youth by teaching them to control their lives, which can be done through character-building, healthcare, and sharpening the ability to learn and use experience for attainment of goals. It must teach them to understand life through study of history, science, religion and philosophy and it must also teach them to enjoy their lives through friendships and relationships, observance of nature, and study of art and literature. Last but not the least is the dire need to stress upon  providing value-based education to the youth by inculcating in them the spirit of democratic behaviour which calls for an appreciation of the rich diversity of our nation, assimilation of ideas, and accommodation for divergent or contrarian views. Although the present government at the centre is quite seized of the situation and has initiated various programmes to ensure that the youth of this nation becomes self reliant and productive for the country but the recent incidents of indulgence of youth in unwanted activities in temples of education and outside, there is a need to deal sternly with those indulging in such activities failing which the efforts initiated for the youth will not deliver desired results besides endangering the security and integrity of the nation. Since prevention is always better than cure therefore imparting the value based education will leave the least scope for youth getting deviated from the path of nationalism and righteousness. In this regard the Dalai Lama’s speech delivered to students in Mumbai the other day needs to be taken quite seriously. It is a fact that the younger generation is the future of India and this generation needs to pay more attention to ancient Indian knowledge. Modern science and modern education are undoubtedly wonderful as well as very useful. But as far as the inner world is concerned, modern education as well as modern knowledge is still very primitive as compared to the ancient Indian knowledge through which youth can do a lot of contribution, regarding promotion of knowledge of inner world and with that, inner peace. Life these days is full of struggles and the only way to overcome the difficulties is by being mentally strong for which training of mind is most essential as it helps in keeping things clear and achieve peace of mind. Therefore while celebrating Losar it is high time to take cue from Dalai Lama’s significant advice besides following the virtuous teachings not only that of Buddhism but of all the religions as all religions aim at inner as well as outer peace.