Justice For Avni Save Avni’s Cubs

The cold blooded murder of Avni, a tigress and mother of two ten months old cubs has shaken my faith in humanity like never before. If India’s National Animal, one protected by wildlife laws, can be killed without reason and without any large public outcry even in its aftermath, I have little hope that humans will go vegan and stop participating in the killing of animals for food, clothing, experimentation and so on.
Avni held a special place in many hearts because she had a name. She was India’s pride. She was a mother. She was innocent. She was helpless and vulnerable against the human race. She died for nothing. Unless of course, grabbing more and more forest land for developmental and other purposes means everything to us. And it is just not Avni, but millions and millions of wild animals who are killed by humans every year because as long as people get the flesh, eggs, milk, leather, honey and other items from the animals they rear, no one really cares about those animals who are the natural inhabitants of Earth.
Looking at our track record, it seems that humans are here to dismantle and destroy everything that exists on this planet. Justice for Avni and Save Avni’s Cubs are small battles against our collective humongous greed. We will most probably lose, but the fight must go on…
Malvika Kalra
Founder REHAI