When you think of “boosting” your skin care or looking for a powerful face fix, you probably reach for a serum in your beauty potions cabinet (aka, your medicine cabinet). They tend to be the hero products we look to for our glow-goals, and feature scientific or “exotic”-sounding fancy botanical ingredients. I mean, I wouldn’t let fish eggs (caviar) snail around my face, but I have no objections to rubbing formulated caviar when bottled in a nice-looking vial with a dropper or pump. Designed to pinpoint specific issues like dark spots or sagging skin, these products are the “big guns” in terms of concentrated active ingredients. They’re powerful potions, though, so just a few drops should do it.
Skin aging can be due to many reasons … One of them could be UV radiation…’ scavenging these oxygen spices is away of preventing aging.
Hamamelisvirginiana L has proven to have strong protective activity against cell damage induced by active oxygen it also strengthens the skin immune system & have de toxicant effect .
M – tranexamic acid suppress the melanocytes activation caused by unknown stimuli and protect skin from exacerbation of hyperpigmentation..
Biopeptide CL is a peptide that increases collagen renewal and has a ” Retinoic acid like without the irritancy . skin grows firmer & wrinkles become smoother.
In a nutshell, ampoules are basically more intense, potent versions of serums or essences. Typically, they are formed with high concentrations of active ingredients, which can help revive and boost the skin in relatively less time.
There would be many serums and ampules designed to the need of the skin- Personalised Nano Serum would be more effective as the penetration is faster and deeper – Nano Serum penetration is 57% into skin compared to a normal product penetration which is only 1% –
Because of its high concentration, suggested use is usually once or twice a week. Just wash your face, apply toner and use a few drops from the ampoule.
Every skincare junkie wants one thing, and one thing only: clear, radiant, fantasy-flawless skin. You’ll just need to go beyond the basics…
My advice is always to consider your skin type and needs and then spend some time looking through the skincare aisles to see the different products that speak to your skin type and needs.
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