As the world celebrates the International Day of the Girl Child today, it is high time to address the issue of falling sex ratio in India as it has a direct bearing on the social and cultural health of not only the present generation growing in schools but more than that on the future generations. If in India we fail to reverse or at least arrest the rate of falling sex ratio in the coming years the people across the nation shall have to face serious consequences. While there is a need for taking joint initiatives internationally to ensure a world free of discrimination against women and effectively oppose any attempt to subvert women and young girls against any kind of disadvantage or discrimination, at the same time at the national level here in India the main focus needs to be on female foeticide which in itself reflects the insensitivity of the Indian society on the issue. It is really the greatest irony in the history of this nation that a female born in the Indian society despite playing unmatched roles during her lifetime be that of a daughter, sister, wife or a mother is being hounded right in the womb of her mother to ensure that it does not come into the world. Is it not an irony that the Indian culture which in view of enormity of the mother’s significance even calls for worshipping the earth as Mother earth but at the same time when it comes to her existence in the society, her life is made a virtual hell by the so called civilized people thus reflecting the worst face of hypocrisy. Every individual’s future is moulded by the hands that cradled it as a baby and as such the females deserve to be the most privileged class of the society. The birth of a girl child needs to be welcomed with open heart and hands as she is the greatest boon to the society bestowed by God. In order to ensure that child sex ratio is restored and maintained to optimum level there is a dire need to wholeheartedly involve in the war against female foeticide. While there are multiple NGOs involved in this movement through various schemes and programmes announced by the government like the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, there is a dire need for every individual to proactively participate in this movement that would go a long way in restoring the balance as envisaged by nature. For this there is a need to transform the mindset of the people and developing the desired mindset in the future generations is the easiest option to achieve the ultimate goal in this direction. Not only across the nation but also in this crown state NGOs are devotedly for the cause holding various programmes regularly. In this regard the best way is to target the young minds to achieve the desired results as it is these young minds who with a positive mindset will have no place for female foeticide in their life. So let us all take the pledge to initiate proactive measures in this regard so that there is no scope at all for pre-natal sex determination or female foeticide except in cases of medical necessity. This alone will lead to shedding of the old bias and restoring the gender balance. Daughter is the most precious gift of God to human beings and it is hoped that Indians realize the gravity of situation before it turns into a manmade disaster. Responding to Governor SP Malik’s appeal in his message on the day let every stakeholder join global efforts to ensure a world free of discrimination for young women and girls and fight against the disadvantages and discriminations borne by girls everywhere. Let’s strengthen the girl child by creating opportunities for her education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protect her against violence and child marriage. Last but not the least let the available girl-relevant and sex-disaggregated data be seriously used to frame key policy and programme and identify and track progress towards solutions to their most pressing problems.