RWF seeks action against boy for alleged exploitation of girls

JAMMU, OCT 10: Exposing a boy who has used and cheated dozens of girls in India and Canada, the Rural Women Foundation (RWF) has asked the authorities to immediately book the culprit and save the innocent girls from his trap. Addressing a press conference, the president, Rural Women Foundation Ms Sunita Sharma said that this boy has gone to Canada and there he has started exploiting and dumping the innocent girls. She said that he had three year old boy in Canada but now he is all set to marry an Indian girl. She said that such sex-lusty boy should be identified and exposed in the society, so that there is no breach of morals and Indian ethics. She further said that such boys who are living abroad are earning bad name for the country and defaming the rich ethics of the country. She said that the victim approached the Kaaya Women Foundation and one associate called the father of the boy on his mobile and narrated the entire story of his son but she was shocked when his father very ruthlessly replied that his son had used and dumped dozens of girls in his native village Sunderbani and how he could marry all those girls. She said that his father very proudly said “My son is fond of delicious food and girls, so he changes girls after every six months.” Demanding social boycott of families of such mentality, she said that people should come forward to isolate and identify such people so that people with such Mindset may get lesson with social boycott. She further said that the time has come that the entire society should stand up against such mentally sick people so that a peaceful society should be created. She asked the Prime Minister to come true over his slogans “Beti Bachao, Beti Padao” (save girl, teach girl) and here in this case several girls are being victimized by the said boy.