Addressing unemployment

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the readers towards unemployment crisis across the nation which is a result of multiple factors. In this regard we need to understand the stark reality that it’s not possible to give jobs to everyone in the country having a huge population that has already crossed 134 crores. Though it is an acknowledged fact that Politics is quite bizarre and political leaders are congenital liar’s the world over to which India is no exception and as such they keep making promises that are impossible to be fulfilled especially fearing vote bank backlash, Indian political leaders will continue to make tall promises of solving the employment problem. However there is no need to be desperate in such a situation, the only thing being that the youth at large realize and strive to innovate model arrangements which would result in employment generation besides creating a new class of entrepreneurs in the country with the world’s second largest population. Today there is a dire need for the youth in search of employment to change their mindset in accordance with the changed scenario. They need to understand the Indian constraints with land being finite, its load bearing capacity over stretched, depleted natural resources, etc. There is a need to discover new reserves in new areas. Youth need to get prepared for the new challenges that shall have to be faced by them on account of Robotics which is all set to dramatically change the rules of the game be it manufacturing or the human skills in the coming over a decade period. It is hoped that while the government will continue to take up this issue quite seriously by coming up with result oriented policies, at the same time the youth also needs to play a proactive role in creating new avenues suited for future scenario.
Rekha Gupta,
Navi Mumbai.