While it is a matter of great satisfaction that the global body the United Nations Organization has for the first time acknowledged that India has a front line role in major global campaigns against terrorism, environmental issues or some other significant issues. In other words it conveys a strong message that India has already emerged as a strong global player leaving no scope at all for taking the World’s largest democracy lightly. In view of the changed scenario vis-a-vis the changed power equations and the menace of terrorism especially the state terrorism having created havoc in substantial parts of the globe, India undoubtedly has a crucial role to play in the coming time. Now that the UNO Secretary General has without mincing words declared India’s role at global level it is also high time for the World body to realize the dire need for transforming it as per the changed scenario today. India has already been vociferously calling for drastic reforms in this context believing that the first step in this regard should be introducing transparency and choice in the process of various elections of the body including that of the secretary-general. The proposal is just and equitable because it should not be a prerogative of the five permanent members of the Security Council only. Irrespective of the fact whether India is able to become the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council or not it has every right to put its viewpoint before the whole world so far as the functioning and future of this most significant world body is concerned. After all it is in the collective interest of the international community to have the most appropriate person to head the world body, who could be able to revitalize the work of the General Assembly besides being in the interest of the UN system in general, and the Assembly’s prerogatives in particular. Since the world body is all set for the ambitious Agenda 2030 and its implementation in true spirit, it would not be possible without greater say to the UN General Assembly. Either the prerogative of five permanent members of the Security Council will have to be reconsidered or else the number of permanent members be increased at least according due consideration to the nation with world’s second largest population. It is an open secret that the ineffective Security Council has utterly failed to avoid or stop huge human loss in terms of wars and conflicts for which the international community has no justification. In the present scenario there is a dire need to do away with the secret straw polls in the Council and instead open discussions should be held in multiple sessions. Since times have changed so have the needs and compulsions changed, as such each and every activity of UNO needs to be transparent so that it bestows vibrance to it to deal with the problems faced by the people across the globe without any coercion from the big players be it in the Security Council or otherwise. It is hoped that Secretary General António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, an ace Portuguese politician and diplomat after having acknowledged India’s role will pay heed to the vociferous Indian call for bringing drastic reforms in the functioning of this World organization in the larger interest of the world population.