Reducing road accidents…?

Dear Editor,

The central or the state governments may bring as many rules with a view to reduce road accidents but if the rules are not enforced by the field functionaries i.e. the traffic constables to officer level then such rules get reduced to nothing more than the paper work for record only and practically of use. The person on the road should have some respect for his own work. It is quite common to see a police personnel just loitering around a road junction with signals, and traffic taking its own decision to pass the junction irrespective of the colour of the lights. Several times a not-so-callous driver stopping at the red is also bullied into ‘action’ by a more intimidating vehicle from behind. It will be a miracle if you don’t see vehicles from one side continue to pass green, amber and right into red at various crossings in the City of Temples. Nobody bothers and all this contributes to accidents. Then talking about highways it would not be wrong to say that the main cause of accidents must be the deadly combination of ‘lights in the front and absence of them at the back’. Few drivers are aware of Hi beam and Lo beam and their proper use. Most heavy vehicles are bereft of any type of warning lights or reflectors behind and drivers park them callously on the road. Most of the deaths on highways we read are from ‘dashed behind a stationary truck’. The driver of a vehicle will be hard put to see a parked vehicle especially with the penetrating beams of oncoming vehicles until it is too late. No highway patrol seems to be taking these matters seriously. Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I appeal to the concerned traffic authorities both in the towns and cities as well as those manning the highways so as to bring down the number of road accidents across the state and the nation.

Dr Nisha Sharma,
Gandhinagar, Jammu.