Despite following democracy for over seven decades now, it is really sad to find that the largest democracy of the world has failed to transform its pre-independence system into a vibrant people friendly system that would itself speak of the elimination of the miseries of the common man in the Govt offices. In order to achieve the desired transformation the people shall have to strive themselves to create a new order that ends the miseries of the common man at the hands of administration which is manned by those from amongst the common people. In this regard the work culture in the state of Jammu & Kashmir is no exception due to which it has quite often been a subject of ridicule and pity. In government offices it is far below the optimum standards and at the same time in the private sector it is no good too with of course a few exceptions. Getting any work done in any government office is the worst nightmare for common man who every six years exercises his/her right to franchise to elect sincere and honest representatives to the state as well as the central legislature with the hope that these elected representatives will bring a commendable change in the system. There are crystal clear indicators of the inefficiency of our Government offices especially due to corruption that eat into the vitals of the society. The inefficiency can be well judged from the fact that till a couple of days back in J&K state 8449 ineligible persons were being provided benefit under social security schemes namely National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) and Integrated Social Security Scheme (ISSS), who now stand weeded out. It is really an irony that those deserving or eligible to receive such benefits continue to be in queue after having applied long before seeking benefits under various social security schemes. Though the direction has been passed on to the District Social Welfare Officers to replace the weeded-out cases by eligible and deserving applicants from the pending list in their respective districts as per the guidelines of the scheme, yet it needs to be seen how speedily the pending eligible persons will start getting the pension under the scheme. The Govt officer indirectly confessed the lapse by stating that Government is working towards covering all the eligible beneficiaries under the social security schemes for which it is imperative that ineligible and the duplicate beneficiaries are weeded out to work out the exact pendency of eligible persons. Working on the principle of analogy there is every probability of such state of affairs being there in case of all the other schemes meant for the people’s welfare. Certainly this might not be the lone case of apathy towards the common man’s concerns which go unreported. In such a situation there is a dire need to change the basic rules of administrative system which have remained unchanged since long. So let’s all strive to create a new order for the citizenry of this state which though difficult, yet is not impossible. Let all of us reinvent ourselves as we are the ones who are manning the administration or any other field in the society.