A simple solution

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to express my concern over the protests and arguments against the reservations for the lower castes in the field of education due to which the capable students miss a chance. I think instead of allowing the situation to flare up and going out of control it is better to find out a viable solution that would be acceptable to all the stakeholders be it the genuine meritorious aspirants or those applying under the reserved categories. In this regard I have come across a simple solution to the issue. The government must conduct a survey of the reserved categories and understand the current scenario of the reserved categories as compared to the one when reservations were made. That was the time when the condition of the reserved classes was much different as compared to that of today. It has definitely witnessed a gradual improvement. However there are certain cases where reserved category people continue to face many problems even today and such specific cases deserve special consideration for improvement. At least the survey would provide an insight into the facts from where it could be concluded as to how much percent of reserved category people have improved and are today living normal lifestyle like other people. Undoubtedly the data will lead to the conclusion that there is a decrease in percentage of families who need to be benefitted from reservation. However the parameters to determine the improvement of such category families should include factors like educational qualification of family members, economic condition, social status as per occupation of family members etc. On the basis of the conclusions finally drawn the government must bring some amendments in the existing laws in this regard and settle the issue at least for some decades.
Nighat Rasool,
Trikutanagar, Jammu.