Don’t over stress them

Dear Editor,
With the changing living patterns due to immense stress among the youth, it is quite unfortunate to find the essential ingredients of teenage missing in the teenagers. There was a time when observing their antics and conversing with them used to be a pleasure especially due to a fine blend of mischief and innocence reflected by the teenagers. Despite mischief there used to be positive vibes among youngsters. Today’s teenager stands pushed into a rat race by the parents for securing the so called good future right from the day a child is sent to the play-way school. At teenage the teenager feels caught in a vicious cycle with the intensity of stress starting multiplying at the higher secondary school level. As a result of such an approach the main focus of the teenager is only on academic performance while being deprived of the creativity and adventure. They have to face gruelling routine comprising tuitions, entrance coaching and tests besides detestable parent-teacher meetings ultimately subjecting most of the students to rebukes. Gone are the days when schools were the temples of learning. Schools are now undeterred manufacturers of toppers and scorers. It is sad to observe that majority of parents today have a conviction that success only means bagging a medical or engineering seat in a reputed college. Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I appeal to all the parents to come out of the misconception of only focussing on academic excellence of children and instead allow them to explore different career options and choose what works for them which will make their future more secure and enjoyable besides retaining the power of creativity.
Dr Monika Bhardwaj,
Reshamgarh, Jammu.