The Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s statement a couple of days earlier that the armed forces and the Defence Ministry are steadfastly behind all officers who have conducted operations in Jammu and Kashmir and the north east deserves full appreciation especially in view of the fact that despite the inimical scenario faced by the Army in these areas the men in olive continue to address the problems of the needy people in these areas mainly the far flung ones with most difficult terrains besides coming to the rescue of the people during natural calamities. It is pertinent to mention here that the Army Chief’s statement has come in the backdrop of nearly 700 Army officers and soldiers approaching the Supreme Court against the alleged dilution of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA). It is a fact that countering terrorism or insurgency within the state is not a cake walk but the most arduous operation in which there is a necessity for special legal protection to those jawans and officers who are performing their duties in such areas. In this context the Army’s role in the state of Jammu and Kashmir should serve as an eye opener for those who advocate withdrawal of AFSPA from J&K and North East areas. Here in this state while giving befitting reply to the infiltrating as well as infiltrated terrorists it continues to address the problems of the needy people in the far flung areas with most difficult terrains. During the recent past the men in olive came to the rescue of Kashmiris during the unprecedented flood situation in the valley. Leaving no stone unturned in establishing peace, Army quietly launches operations to clear various areas especially in south Kashmir of the militants and protesters. It is really a great challenge for the army as presently it seems that there is absolute lawlessness prevailing in such areas, with militants and their sympathisers calling the shots, holding protests and blocking arterial roads and stone pelting having become a regular strategy of the militants’ sympathizers during operations against the terrorists. Given the track record it will undoubtedly succeed in accomplishing the mission entrusted to it. What needs to be appreciated the most is the devotion and sincerity with which the army is relentlessly carrying out its social responsibilities for the welfare of the people across this sensitive crown state of the nation. Even today there are various initiatives going on under operation Sadhbhawna. The nation is really proud of its army for being the champions in War as well as Peace. Setting a classic example of its humanitarian aspect whereby it has proved its humanitarian credentials in serving the needy and out of reach people right from their birth to last breath with hardly any day when such initiatives are not launched in the state. Having championed the fundamentals of War and Peace, Army superbly hushes the guns of terrorists by scattering counterinsurgency grid in entire affected areas and then launches this operation to connect with people struck by instability. The people across the nation are fully optimistic of Army’s success in establishing peace in the disturbed areas gripped in crises that pains the whole nation. Now that the Army Chief has assured that Army will support the jawans and officers in whatever way it can, it is hoped that it is further ensured that no such policy decision is taken by those in governance that has the tendency of lowering the morale of those who defend the nation 24X7.