Defeat politics of deceit and divide in coming elections: Sharma

RAJOURI, SEP 1: Public-spirited persons be fielded in local self government elections for good governance, said Ashok Sharma, former MLA and Coordinator, AICC, Vichar Vibhag, while addressing the One-Day Convention of Youth and Congress workers at Khawas today.
Sharma added that greed and corruption are being root causes of law-lessness and people’s mistrust in public men. He pleaded that unless the political parties reject the candidature of those who are tinted involved in crime and corruption, the trust deficit cannot be removed. Sharma urged upon the people of J&K to awaken themselves and adopt the Gandhian-path restoring human and moral values and unite themselves to fight against and side line the corrupt and unwanted element in Panchyat, Municipal and Parliamentary elections to restore the glory of India and Gandhian-way of life as being fore seen by the visions of Indian National Congress led-by Rahul Gandhi.
Sharma also urged upon the people of J&K to come forward and exercise their franchise in large number in favour of Congress Party to ensure good governance, stability in government, unity and development of all the three regions to maintain communal harmony brotherhood to eliminate politicians of deceit and divide.
Prominent among those addressed the Convention were Chain Singh, President BCC Khawas, Arjun Sharma, Sanjay Sandhu, youth leaders, Shah Mohd, Mistri, Baba Bal Krishan, Mohd Razak, Madan Lal Sharma, Madan lal Chotey and Brij Lal.