GoI using coercion to keep JK Assembly in suspended animation: Harsh

NEW DELHI, AUG 27: Alleging unethical practices and increased reports of horse trading in govt formation in the State, a battalion a NPP activists led by Chairman, Harsh Dev Singh and State President Young Panthers, Yash Paul Kundal held a massive protest demonstration prior to All Party Meet (APM) organized by the Election Commission of India at ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra’ in New Delhi today seeking immediate dissolution of J&K Assembly. The agitated NPP workers amid raising slogans invited the attention of the President of India and Election Commission towards wrongful prolongation of suspended Assembly and resultant reports of horse trading and sought immediate dissolution of J&K House.
Referring to the political impasse created in the state in the wake of suspension of Assembly pursuant to breakdown of BJP-PDP Govt, Harsh Dev Singh expressed concern over the reported attempts of various political parties wooing the rival legislators in a bid to form Govt by hook or crook. There were reports of floor crossing amidst allurements and enticements held out to legislators of other parties, he said. The panic stricken political parties were trying hard to keep their flock together and to rescue their members from falling prey to the enchantments and charms of the opponents, said Singh.
Accusing BJP in particular of trying to engineer defections in other parties through support of central agencies, Harsh Dev Singh said that such bizarre machinations did not auger well for the state and could result in further alienation. While BJP was trying to break other parties, some of its own members were in touch with Congress as per authentic sources, he said. These opportunist MLAs included those who had jettisoned congress on the eve of previous elections to bask in the reflected glory of Narendra Modi at the said time but had now realized that BJP was a sinking ship and were desperate to abandon it, divulged Singh.
Harsh Dev Singh while maintaining that suspension of Assembly was supposed to be a transitory period under the constitution in which the Governor has to decide its fate, said that its prolongation was violative of law besides prevalent practices and precedents. If no political party or combination of parties was in a position to form the Govt, the only option was to dissolve the Assembly so as to prevent defections, horse trading and unfair means in the formation of the Govt, said Harsh. He said that with almost all political parties except BJP having conveyed their unwillingness to form Govt and the reports of defections and unethical practices doing rounds each day, the dissolution of Assembly was inevitable and required immediate attention of the Governor and president of India.