Attempts to divide Jammu region won’t be allowed to succeed: Ch. Lal Singh

JAMMU, AUG 24: At this important juncture in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, all those voices who claim of being true representatives of Jammu region should explain where they stand over Rassana and why were they silent for so long?
“I can see the evil designs of all the anti-Jammu forces. They are trying to divide us, weaken our resolve and break our unity. They are desperate to see us divided and fragmented. They are in a state of shock as they are unable to digest the fact that even after 6 months, we have not given up and are struggling to get CBI probe ordered in the Rassana case. We have shown the whole world Dogras are both brave as well as sensible,” said Choudhary Lal Singh while addressing a public gathering in Karroh in Lakhanpur area of Kathua district.
He added “I am not new to politics. I know well who all are trying to sabotage the agitation of the commoners of Jammu region for getting justice in the Rassana case. But they must know, Choudhary Lal Singh won’t let them succeed in their evil designs. All their missions would fail and Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan would succeed in its mission. Aim is to empower Jammu region, politically as well as economically. We won’t let them repeat Rassana, come what may.”
Referring to the designs of the evil forces, Choudhary Lal Singh said “They must tell people of Jammu region why shouldn’t the people believe that their only aim is to weaken all those people who are working towards making Jammu politically, socially and economically strong. I have a programme which is in public while they are yet to make it clear what their aims and ambitions are.” He said “I am not fearful of public scrutiny since I am clear with my conscience. But I am sure, none of those who were silent over Rassana would do the same.”
Choudhary Lal Singh warned that any attempt to divide or break Jammu region would be resisted tooth and nail. “I am a fighter and will not allow anyone to break unity of Jammu region. Dogras have come together for empowerment of their region. So no one should be under any illusion that they would be spared if they ever try to break this Berlin wall. From Lakhanpur to Banihal, our single identity is that we are all Dogras and we are united under one platform,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
He cautioned “History does not forgive those who stay silent, create confusion among people, try to divide people and above all, do not stand with those who are ready to sacrifice everything for a just cause. Entire Jammu region is seeking CBI probe in the Rasana case. Young and old, literate and illiterate, male or female, students and scholars; all are seeking CBI probe in the Rasana case. It is only those who have no connection with Dogras and Duggar land who are not with us.”
“They have no courage to fight a battle for long and hence, they are not with us. But Choudhary Lal Singh won’t rest till the time, government of Jammu and Kashmir does not recommend CBI probe in Rasana case and then, till the time Justice is not delivered in the case,” said Choudhary Lal Singh said.
“How can I forget that the Dogras of Jammu region were called ‘Rape Apologists’? How can I forget that Dogras were called supporters of rapists? The Duggar land was vilified all over the globe by those who swear by the secularism of this region when it suits them. Dogras living all over the globe were pained to hear what was being said about them. Now, the perception is changing and things are becoming clearer with each passing day. More and more people joining us,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.