Pathania for constructive debate on state subject laws

RAMNAGAR, AUG 23: Ranbir Singh Pathania, MLA Ramnagar while addressing ‘Intellectuals Meet’ at Ramnagar today called for an open, constructive and comprehensive debate on state subject laws in the state of J&K.
Amidst much trumpeting and chest-beating on the subject in the recent past, particularly, in the backdrop of hearing of a PIL by the Supreme Court regarding revocation of Article-35-A, Pathania said that it looks as if an attempt is being made to polarize and divide the entire state with an ever widening furrow.
Although political pit-knickers and arm chair intellectuals are having diametrically opposite views on the subject, Pathania said a true comprehension of Maharaja’s state subject laws which had a ‘wreak in’ space for ‘Ijazat Nama and Riyayat Nama’ needs to be made.
While making a mention of Section-6 of J&K Constitution, he said that the said provision denies ‘Right to aquire land, employment and admission in professional colleges’ to those people who were part of India (Undivided India) and while rejecting the dogma of ‘Two nation theory’ came over to India (after partition) and embraced its secular credentials.
Nonetheless, at the same time, the said provision gives and still maintains state subject status to those people who left J&K and embraced ‘two nation theory’ while rejecting the secular multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multilingual gospel of India, he said.
He further said that a liberal and rational view needs to be taken while discussing grant of ‘State subject rights’ to West-Pak Refugees, Valmikis and Gorkhas who had bled and sweated for J&K since the past more than seven decades.
They live and die for J&K but do not have basic living rights, right to acquire property, get education and employment which itself is most inhuman, illogical and otiose, particularly, in the scheme of things as envisioned by the Constitution-makers of country.
Pathania further said, J&K has already suffered much on account of politics of hollow slogans, stage managed euphemisms and pedantic demagogy, while striking the chord with the progressive youth and right thinking people that J & K wants politics of positivity and constructiveness; employment, viable road connectivity, clean drinking water, better schools, fairness and probity in public affairs, fair selection procedures, transparent use of State resources and so on.
While addressing largely attended meetings at Kunn (Bhatyari), Khajuran- Janda (Kaghote), Dalsar, Panjgrain, Chanunta and Dak-Bungalow Ramnagar, Ranbir Singh Pathania MLA Ramnagar took a first and stock of the basic issues and problems raised by the people of area.
He further said that hassle free delivery and responsive administration are the hallmarks of a responsive and effective setup. As such the officers should put in their best with a view to ensure that people get more benefit out of the policies and flagship programmes of State and Central government.