KAS aspirants accuses JKPSC of adopting irrational approach

JAMMU, AUG 23: Many KAS Aspirants have alleged that the JKPSC has followed an irrational and unjust approach in conducting the KAS-2018 Preliminary Exam. The exam is scheduled to be conducted on 2nd of September.
Aspirants have alleged that JKPSC adopted the new UPSC pattern only in letter and not in spirit. The JKPSC has been in news time and again for irregularities in its functioning. The recent being the implementation of new UPSC pattern under SRO-103 for recruitment into State Civil Services Examination. Aspirants have alleged that the JKPSC issued the notification for KAS 2018 Preliminary exam at a time when the KAS 2016 Mains exam were due to be held on 2nd of July. This created a situation where the aspirants of the KAS 2016 Mains Exam were only left with 22 days to prepare for the KAS 2018 preliminary exam as their last paper was held on 8th August.
The KAS 2018 exam is entirely based on the UPSC pattern which includes CSAT and the minimum time required to cover the entire syllabus is 3-4 months. The aspirants also cited the example of UPSC where the Central Recruiting Agency adopted the new pattern for Civil Services Examination in a Gradual and Rational way. The UPSC adopted the new pattern in two phases. In the first phase in 2011, the pattern for preliminary exam was changed and in the second phase the pattern of the mains examination was changed in 2014. Aspirants alleged that on one hand UPSC changed the pattern in a span of 4 years where as JKPSC changed the entire pattern in one stroke.
Many aspirants from Arts background have pointed that how an Arts background candidate prepare for the aptitude paper in just 22 days.
It is pertinent to mention that the JKPSC since its inception in July, 2015 has failed to deliver public services and was in news for irregularities in its functioning.
The process of KAS 2014 and KAS 2016 exam was delayed by three years as there were issues and discrepancies surrounding the legitimacy of the Preliminary result. Aspirants have alleged that the incompetency of the Commission turned the entire KAS 2016 exam into a mess. In one of the occasion, the entire KAS Mains exam was quashed midway in February 2018 by an order of DB. Candidates alleged that JKPSC conducted the Mains examination in February knowing that the matter was Subjudice which resulted in quash of the Mains examination.
There is no end to the irregularities in the functioning of JKPSC and being a Autonomous institution no one was held responsible.
The candidates have requested the Governor to intervene in this matter