Legally and constitutionally, nothing can save 35-A: BJP

JAMMU, AUG 9: Stressing that the political relationship of J&K with rest of India is set through ‘Instrument of Accession’ only, BJP informed that constitutionally and legally, nothing can save 35-A. This was stated in a Press Conference held at party headquarters by BJP Chief State Spokesperson, Sunil Sethi alongwith BJP State Press Secretary, Dr Pardeep Mahotra.
Sunil Sethi attacked on deliberate miscampaign by disproportionally extra vocal entities. NC’s allegation that the relation of State with the rest of India will be bothered, if 35-A ceases to exist and similar statements being issued by PDP and other Kashmir-based fringe groups like those of Hurriyat Conference are blatant lie, he added.
Sethi further stressed that only ‘Instrument of Accession’ defines political relationship of the State with Nation. “Article-1 very clearly defines that J&K is just like any other State of India. Section-3 defines that it as an integral part of India. J&K is an integral part of Nation and 35-A or 370 does not define relationship of State with Nation,” Sethi asserted.
Sethi further said that in 1953, Government of former CM Sheikh Abdullah rather promised the people displaced from western Pakistan that they will be given rights and were immediately provided lands so that they do not leave the State. This issue was raised in 1954 as the result of political and diplomatic failure of former Prime Minister, Pt Nehru. In the aftermath of those blunders, a Presidential order was issued without the consent from Parliament of India, he said.
Constitutionally and legally, nothing can save 35-A, Sethi said. The Supreme Court will conduct an impartial hearing and result will be out. Kashmiri politicians understand this fact very well and so are ill-motivating people.
Sethi further demanded an impartial probe be done by SIT headed by senior IPS officer for the unwanted firing incident at the residence of former Chief Minister, Farooq Abdullah, in which a young man died. “FIR of the family should be registered. An unarmed person with no crime history, enters the house of former CM, why? If he had intensions to harm somebody, he could have some arms with him. Why the forces did not fire at feet or legs? Why there was no CCTv camera on back door? Responsibility should be fixed and questions need to be answered,” said Sethi, adding that BJP demands a fair enquiry into the matter.