J&K Kisan Tehreek holds protest, highlights demands

Jammu, AUG 9: On the Joint call of Centre of India Trade Union (CITU) and All India Kisan Sabha (AJKS) for Jail Bharo Andolan, Jammu & Kashmir Kisan Tehrik and trade unions affiliated with State CITU held a protest demonstration in support of their demands like complete farm loan waiver, loan at minimum interest at 4 pc, implementation of recommendations of MS Swaminathan Report and so on.
A large number of farmers and workers across the Jammu region attended the protest shouting slogans against the government.
While addressing the farmers and workers, GN Malik, General Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir Kisan Tehrik said that loans of willful corporate defaulters amounting to more than Rs. 1.91 lakh crores were written off during three financial year of Modi regime, FDI and corporatization of agriculture through contract forming are being pursued with insurance companies profiteering in the name of crop insurance, large scale displacement and dispossessing of rural poor is taking place through forcible land acquisition without proper rehabilitation and resettlement.
He strongly demanded implementation of Swaminathan Report, Complete Waiver of Farm Loans and pension at Rs 5000 per month.
Om Parkash, General Secretary, state CITU while addressing highlighted the issue of Rehri-Fadi workers of Jammu and strongly demanded to rehabilitate the venders at the earliest.
He further demanded that workers engaged for construction of railway tracks and four lane roads from Jammu to Kashmir and contractual worker of Hydro Power Projects, factory/industrial workers and unorganized sector workers should be paid minimum wages of Rs 180 and also be covered under social security schemes like ESf, Pension and EPF .
Sham Parsad Kesar, sr leader of CITU said that four years of NDA government has devastated the lives of all sections of the tolling people and none of its promises to the people had been fulfilled. Further, he said that the BJP and RSS have been unleashing terror by spreading caste and communal hatred and violence, the democratic institution have been taken over by RSS cadres, the law and order situation has become the worst ever in the BJP ruled states with mobs and gangs roaming free on streets lynching people and being protected by those who are in power.