Despite the Union government led by the Dynamic PM Narendra Modi treading ahead well though slowly and steadily and the common people feeling just only the beginning of a positive change at the ground level, there seems to be a dire need to address one of the most significant issues faced by the youth across the nation. Yes of course that is the issue of unemployment in which it seems that the government has not been able to deliver the results according to the people’s expectations. It is a fact that with the ever increasing graph of unemployment across the nation be it due to the rising population accompanied by other multiple factors or the government’s failure to come up with some comprehensive policy on the issue, today there is a dire need to make a serious introspection to find out where we have failed in our initiative to address this vital concern. So far as the present situation is concerned, India is a nation with the biggest youth power in the world and most probably with the biggest army of unemployed youth. It is not that those failing to get employment are not qualified as per the requirements of the job market but the fact is that the number of jobs across the nation is far less as compared to the number of youth seeking jobs. The State of J&K being no exception has a large number of unemployed youth. The most disturbing factor across the nation today is that the applicants for even the lowest cadre peon and similar posts include even Ph.D holders besides those holding graduate and post graduate degrees. This clearly indicates that applicants are not finding jobs commensurate to their qualifications also. Take the example of large army of engineers being produced every year by the institutions across the nation and a very meager percentage of them getting purely engineering jobs with the rest taking to marketing or even banking and other non-engineering jobs. Here in Jammu the fact that a large number of engineers and other qualified post graduates after failing to get jobs preferred to pursue other post graduate courses in Jammu University with the hope that such courses might enable them to get jobs. This is not confined to engineering only but the position is the same so far as other fields are concerned. Another indicator resulting out of such a situation is the widening of the already huge gap between what job market wants and what universities and educational institutions are producing. Being citizens of the world’s youngest country with lakhs of young men and women possessing decent qualifications fighting for such low cadre jobs, it is high time that we all ponder over this serious matter and rethink our governance priorities especially in view of the nation’s demographic bulge that can be definitely of economic advantage only if the policy makers take some time to meticulously plan a comprehensive policy taking due care of achieving both short as well as long term results. The policy would deliver the desired results only if it is planned by focussing more on regional potentials for expanding the employment avenues. So those at the helm at the Centre as well as in the States flag this issue as their topmost priority and address it by adopting drastic reforms before it is too late.