Despite strenuous efforts to eradicate the menace of drug abuse, the problem continues to give sleepless nights to the society at large especially in this troubled state of J&K that is just trying to come out of the worst phase of over three decades of militancy during which the youth especially the students’ community was the worst victim. While the men in Khaki deserve full appreciation for the biggest ever catch of heroin worth over `250 crore in Jammu the other day, at the same time many questions have been raised on the transportation of such huge quantity of the contraband that escaped the sight of multiple nakas till it reached the naka where the contraband was detected and recovered. It is pertinent to mention here that normally it could not be possible without chinks in the administration especially those manning the nakas, the apprehension aptly highlighted by the JKNPP Chairman Harshdev Singh today. He rightly asserted that the govt needed to probe the role of men in Khaki manning the intervening check posts as without their connivance the transportation of such a huge quantity of high grade heroin would not have been possible. It is a fact that drug trafficking and trade in narcotics has assumed alarming proportions in Jammu and could lead to earth shaking consequences if not addressed in the proper perspective. It seems that despite repeated cautioning by various social and political organizations these have not been taken seriously by the helmsmen with the result that drug mafia has been allowed to grow and prosper most probably in collusion with certain moles in police administration. The gravity of the menace can be well judged from the fact that even the Governor NN Vohra has multiple times urged the members of civil society to come forward and make rigorous efforts to curb the growing menace of drug addiction across the State. Seemingly having flagged the issue as priority concern, he was absolutely right in emphasizing that the problem of drug abuse could be dealt with only through the strong collective will of the society. It is a fact that Government can take only initiatives in this regard but it is the civil society that has to strongly come forward and strive for making the State free of the menace of drug abuse. Though a lot of efforts have been made from time to time to increase the educational awareness of the issues associated with drug abuse, yet we have failed to achieve the desired results. Even initiatives have been taken to improve our ability to connect with those who need the treatment for addiction and care thereafter in order to live without substance abuse in future but unfortunately the problem continues to be far from being solved as is evident from the existing scenario. There is an old adage that prevention is better than cure and in this regard the enforcement agencies have the prime role to play. It is the prime duty of the men in Khaki to ensure that not even a pinch of drugs enters the state. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the government immediately initiates a probe into yesterday’s incident and nail those responsible for dereliction of duty as a result of which the huge consignment of contraband passed through various nakas quite conveniently.