DSS strives for CBI Inqiry in Rassana crime

GJ Report
Sunderbani, Aug 4: In his relentless strive to get CBI probe ordered in Rassana gang rape and murder case of an innocent nomadic girl child and to get her justice in the 7 months old crime, Ch Lal Singh addressed a public meeting at Sunderabni Rest House today and stressed upon the need to have CBI probe so that justice is not only done but seen to be done.
He explained the need for the CBI probe because of four different agencies having been used to investigate this case and finally a fabricated case challaned in the court.
He stated that the fourth agency was sent from Srinagar Crime Branch with a clear cut mandate of making it a hate crime and tarnishing the image of Hindu community and their revered places of worship.
He asked the gathering, can a crime of this nature be committed in a Devsthan for eight days continuously as alleged in the Challan without any one coming to know it and raise the alarm. Doesn’t it sound suspicious and if it does, why not clear the apprehensions through a CBI inquiry.
He would continue to strive for CBI probe and take the agitation to a logical conclusion and nobody should have any doubt about it, he stated because it is a question mark on secularism in Jammu and image of Dogras.
Dogras are a world known ethnic group for its bravery, tolerance and sacrifices. It is only CBI that can do justice with the case and get justice to the departed soul. Though the child belonged to the nomadic tribe but the people of Jammu took it as crime against their own daughter and sought severest punishment to the culprit(s) but once the investigating agencies were changed, one after the other, and finally an agency with tainted and jailed officials began the investigation, the doubts arose.
An agitation was started by the locals against brutalities committed on them by the investigating team. “I along with Ganga, local MLAs and other BJP functionaries were sent to diffuse the tensions at Rassana by the party president Sat Sharma, Ch Lal Singh stated.
Since the conspiracy was being hatched at the highest levels, we were made the scapegoats, and you saw the end result that the govt fell and hence the conspirators will soon be exposed.
He alleged the investigation as conspired hate crime to create an everlasting rift between nomadic Bakarwals and Hindus of Jammu region where these nomads come during winters with their live-stocks and go back in the summer.
Photos of victim Asifa were displayed all over India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Europe. Even UNO Secretary General abused India in this case. What a conspiracy, he stated. Dogras were shamed everywhere in the media. Therefore CBI inquiry is a must to clear the blemish and get justice.
Later Lal Singh addressed public at Seot and planted a tree in Govt HSS School Balshama.
They demanded delimitation, district to Sunderbani and restoration of Dogra certificate for enrolment in security forces. They assured full support for CBI inquiry and all out efforts to carry forward the agenda in the vision document of Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan.