Dimpy Kohli flays Administration for harassing shopkeepers in the name of anti-encroachment drive

JAMMU, AUG 3: Shiv Sena ( Bala Sahib Thackery) today flayed District Administration Jammu for conducting anti-encroachment drive at Raj Tilak Road. While talking to media persons here today, State president Dimpy Kohli alleged that the District administration has been conducting anti-encroachment drive only to harass shopkeepers but not asking any questions to those JMC employees who are responsible for all this mess.
Dimpy Kohli along with Vipin Hindu, Ashwani Gupta and Rakesh Kak asked the administration that when someone was raising any such structure, no one from JMC was there to ask them anything but after a long period now these anti encroachments drives are being conducted to harass the shopkeepers.
Kohli appealed to the Administartion to take strict action against JMC employees who are responsible for all the problem and not to harass the shopkeepers because of no fault of theirs. Where was the Distt Administration when these shops were being constructed, he questioned, adding if there was any such discrepancy then they could have stopped the construction by then or had not let those shops to open. He said Shiv Sena will organize a strong protest against Administartion for unnecessary harassing the shopkeepers of Jammu.