Mehbooba likely to remove Naeem Akhtar, Sartaj Madni

JAMMU, JULY 29: Three senior PDP leaders who earlier used to call shots in the PDP are likely to be removed from the party fold.
This was hinted by none other than the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti herself on the 19th foundation day of the PDP on Saturday.
What turned out to be ironic was that when the PDP president addressed the rally, she named and hailed all those present on the stage but deliberately skipped three names. The names that the PDP chief skipped were of Naeem Akhtar, Sartaj Madni and Waheed-ur-Rahman Para. During the coalition of the PDP-BJP in the state, Naeem Akhtar held the vital portfolio of R&B and Sartaj Madni was running the affairs of the PDP as its Vice- President. Para was enjoying his post of Secretary, Sports Council. Madni was recently asked resign from his post of the Vice -President.
As per the reports, though all the three leaders in question were present on the stage, the PDP president skipped their names, giving a notion that the trio is no longer part of tribe and would be no longer in the PDP.
Speculations are also rife that these three leaders have already been informed that any time there removal will be announced in the media and that they should keep their bags packed.
The workers and activists were already aghast that these three leaders weren’t giving any serious hearing to them and that they ahem alleged that these three leaders have made great fortunes and let no stone unturned to ruin the party to its core. As a result, the PDP President, Mehbooba Mufti seems to have made up her mind to show door to them.
“The first hint was given by the party president today. In days to come, action on ground shall be initiated and through this way, those who are annoyed with the party will be pacified and their grievances are addressed,” sources divulged, adding that much water has flown beneath the bridge and now is the time when rectifying measures are needed to be taken without any further delay.