Mehbooba and Farooq are jumping the gun: Brig Gupta

JAMMU, JUL 29: The appeal to the Prime Minister both by PDP supremo Mehbooba Mufti and JKNC President Dr Farooq Abdullah to accept Pakistan’s premier designate Imran Khan’s friendship offer is pre-mature, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. Brig Gupta drew the attention of both the leaders to the official statement of the Ministry of External Affairs hoping that the new government in Pakistan will work constructively towards building a safe, stable and secure and developed South Asia free of terror and violence. The government of India’s intention on the subject is very implicit and precise said Brig Gupta.
It appears that the two Kashmiri leaders have taken seriously a very casual victory speech by Imran Khan, when the results of the elections were still pouring in. The speech cannot be treated as policy statement though he had used the national media to address the nation much against the norms of the Election Commission of Pakistan. He did so because he enjoys the support of all powerful Pakistan Army and ISI which are believed to behind the meteoric rise and splendid electoral performance of his political outfit Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) in the most crucial Punjab province. The inference is very clear and loud that the shots will be called by the Army after formation of the new government, asserted Brig Gupta.
Going by the content of the speech, the inevitable influence of ISI is obvious. In his entire speech Imran Khan did not utter a single word about terror that has become the hallmark of his country, which is universally referred to as “global factory of jihadi terror.” It is obvious that he is not interested in removing the tag of “Atanakistan” and wants to continue with terrorism as an ‘instrument of state policy’ as hitherto fore. In fact, he has in the past praised the dubious attempt of ISI to mainstream terror. With this mind-set how do the two Kashmiri leaders expect the PM to extend the hand of friendship, questioned Brig Gupta.
In fact, in his speech Imran Khan tried his best to add fuel to the burning fire in Kashmir by blaming Indian Army for human rights violations and referring to Kashmir as the core issue. Imran knows that India is always willing to talk to Pakistan with terrorism as the core issue and subsequent resolution of all other issues. In any case, the outstanding dispute between the two relating Kashmir is the illegal occupation of parts of Kashmir referred to as POJK, clarified the spokesperson.
“Thus, Imran’s offer of friendship appears to be a mere formality and the Pakistan Army and ISI would never let him walk the talk. Mehbooba and Farooq instead of jumping the gun must leave the decision to the Government of India which is equally concerned with improving relations with Pakistan for a stable and peaceful South Asia,” advised Brig Gupta.