Chhari-Mubarak rituals begin with Pujan at Pahalgam

GJ Report
Jammu, July 27: Chanting Vedic hymn, ‘Bhoomi-Pujan’, ‘Navgrah-Pujan’, ‘Chhari-Pujan’ and ‘Dhawajarohan’ ceremonies were performed at Pahalgam today on July 278 on the occasion of ‘Vyas-Purnima’ that marks the commencement of annual pilgrimage of Swami Amarnath Ji, traditionally.
These are important rituals prior to main course of annual pilgrimage of Swami Amarnath Ji. The sound of conch shell reverberated the whole atmosphere. Sizable number of Sadhus, pilgrims, Shri Ashok Sidha President Martand Purohit Sabha along with many pandits families from Martand were present on the occasion and participated in the Pujan that lasted for about 3 hours.
Speaking on the occasion Mahant Deependra Giri ji, Mahant Chhari-Mubarak Swami Amarnath Ji said, “until 25th of July, it was in news daily that pilgrims for Swami Amarnath ji have departed from Jammu and Hajis from Srinagar have departed for Holy Madina simultaneously.
It establishes the diversity and communal harmony of our State and country.” Collective prayers were also offered for peace and prosperity of the Jammu and Kashmir State.
Prayers were also offered at Historic Martand Temple, Mattan (Anantnag).
Mahant Deependra Giri ji expressed his satisfaction after performing these important rituals at Pahalgam and thanked the state administration for making arrangements for the event.
The event was organized by ‘The True Trust’ founded by Mahant Deependra Giri ji in year 2004.