Lynchings will stop if people respect each other’s sentiments: RSS leader

Jammu, Jul 25: SS leader Indresh Kumar said today incidents of lynching in the name of the cow could get addressed soon if the people of the country respect each other’s sentiments and politicians refrain from exploiting the situation for vote bank.
He also said that Pakistan should work for making the borders with India “violence and military free” in the interest of peace and development, while expressing confidence that the people of Jammu and Kashmir would adopt ‘nation first and nation last’ approach to pull away the state from the path of destruction.
“My appeal to the countrymen is to come together to make India prosperous and an abode of peace and love by maintaining communal harmony,” Kumar, who came here to pay homage to the martyrs of Kargil on the eve of ‘Vijay Diwas’ told reporters.
He said there were three groups behind the violence in the name of the cow.
“A group which turns to violence, the other which is hurting the sentiments, and third which is playing vote bank politics and exploiting the situation,” he said
He appealed to all the three to exercise restraint.
“All the 125 crore population of the country are equal and we need to work for strengthening democracy. The incidents (of lynching) will come to an end soon if we respect the sentiments of each other and politicians and religious groups with vested interests refrain from exploiting such situations,” he said.
Kumar said the Constitution, humanity and culture do not allow anyone to hurt the sentiment of others and those who indulge in violence over hurt sentiments were not doing any good either.
“If we live in peace and maintain communal harmony, India will emerge as the most powerful country in the world,” he said.
On Pakistan, the RSS leader said it should work to make the borders peaceful and military free.
“Pakistan has wasted billions over the past 70 years to keep the borders active and it should work for de-escalation. India-Nepal, India-Bhutan, India-Myanmar and India-Sri Lanka also share borders but instead of the Army they are being guarded by the police. Pakistan should also work to make its borders with India military free by ending violence,” Kumar said.
It would be for Pakistan’s own benefit and that of the world at large, he said.
India is marching on the path of development and if there is peace on the borders, the country would double the pace, he said.
Kumar said the Indian Army and security forces enjoyed a free hand to tackle Pakistan as well as terrorism in the hinterland.
“Clear cut directives have been given to the Army to give a befitting reply to Pakistan on the border and tackling the situation inside,” he said.
Kumar said Pakistan, from its birth, had remained an unstable country and was faced with unrest in various provinces and the part of Kashmir under its illegal occupation.
Asked about the selective killings in Kashmir, he said security forces were enjoying a free hand to deal with the situation.
“Some people are playing in the hands of Pakistan and instead of considering India as their own and behave as good Kashmiris, are taking to violence at the behest of the foreign country. Bombs, bullets and stone-pelting have turned the paradise into a hell and it should end completely,” he said.
Kumar said it was heartening to know that Kashmiri people with tricolour singing the national anthem was a reality in Kashmir.
“It is the responsibility of all to work towards a better Jammu and Kashmir and I am sure it is happening,” he said.