Skin/Hair routine during monsoon

During monsoons “Ek garam chai ki pyali season…” Certain precautions can help you preserve the glow on face and prevent the monsoon hair fall this season says leading Dermatologist of Delhi, Dr Deepali Bhardwaj.
During humidity and rains don’t think there is rain which means no sunscreen instead kindly ensure a sun block of SPF 20 plus at-least has been applied 10-15 mins before leaving home. Also, with rains outside we may feel less thirsty but the dehydration is similar as summers and hence hydrating ourselves is as important. So for adults drinking 4-5 liters daily is a must in rains too!
Besides, a healthy skin routine:
Wash face at night and morning both times
Remove make up before sleeping
If rain water falls on your body or hair. wash it as soonest as possible under running water to avoid various bacterial and fungal infections
Don’t wear skimpy, skin tight clothes much as if they get wet in rain water then rain water settles nearer to skin for longer time leading to fungal infections
Taking a bath with antibacterial soaps like frolix,medsop or neem containing soaps is a good options specially for people more prone to be exposed to rain water
An umbrella and rain coat may not look fashionable to some but it’s a must and to get wet is more silly than to have them
Eating right like fruits, nuts, vegetables will also help in keeping body immunity strong. Only consuming fatty oily foods or sugar containing food items can surely lead to problem during monsoons which is avoidable
A night cream which is more gel based as humidity persists in the air even in normal and oily skin will help to keep the radiance.
For hair:
Washing hair regularly
No hair oil during monsoons is important and in very dry hair maximum once a week should be enough and using a conditioner should help
If hair is falling increase biotin in diet, egg white, soya, paneer, tofu and also lentils. Applying castor oil with crushed mustard seed powder to falling hair as a pack overnight or for fees hours before shampoo is good. Ensure shampoo used is with least chemicals and suitable for your hair.
If dandruff is there then monsoons is the only season when olive oil massage with lemon juice in it for creating the right ph of scalp is great to wash out the dandruff.
Dr Deepali Bhardwaj MD(USA.IM), DVDL,M.Phil (Cosmetology), Allergy Fellowship Munich, Germany; Cosmetic surgeries, Iran. Honorary Dermatologist at President Estate Clinic in Rashtrapati Bhawan.
Clinic: D305 first floor, Defence Colony,New