Gas-kit fitted private school vans pose threat to children, authorities in slumber

Special Correspondent
Jammu, July 23: While the State Motor Vehicles Department and the Traffic Wing of Jammu and Kashmir Police claimed to be stringent against the violators including the private vans operating in hundreds of schools across the district ferrying toddlers and minor children but unfortunately un-checked gas-kit fitted vans are posing threat to the lives of the travellers as the concerned authorities are in a deep slumber.
As per reliable sources, more than 25 percent of the private school vans, operational in private schools for ferrying the children to educational institutions and to their residences, are running on LPG gas kits, which is a major threat for the occupants.
“The authorities concerned whether it is MVD or traffic police, beat drums of fining number of vehicles for violating rules on road and hold camps, seminars to aware people of following norms but very surprisingly, we have hardly seen these departments issuing any warnings to the private vans running on gas kits,” said a local.
He said that there are so many norms, which are to be followed by these operators but they hardly obey them except completing their documents to avoid men in blue at the random check points.
“We have often seen, traffic cops, checking seat belts of the driver, registration certificate validity, pollution but nobody bothers to monitor or check whether the private van ferrying school children is running of gas-kit or petrol,” rued another local.
“Vans having gas-fitted kits are really dangerous and they should not be allowed to ferry school kids,” they said adding that who is responsible if any tragedy or mishap takes place?
“There is no mention on the vehicle that it runs on gas-kit and though it is highly inflammable, who is keeping check on such vehicles because with the lives of children, the lives of other people on the road are also under threat,” they added.
There are more than 150 private schools in Jammu district alone out of which around 100, are having these private vans, ferrying school children but school authorities are also equally responsible as of MVD and Traffic in risking the lives of minors, said an official.
“With shooting fuel prices shooting, the van operators prefer to run the vehicles on gas in order to save few bucks but they are not aware that “unintentionally” they are not committing an offence but also putting human lives in danger, “they added.
“The concerned authorities must issue circulars to schools that no private van or any other especially those ferrying school children, must not have gas-kit fitted gadgets,” they demanded.
The parents however, said that if overloading of children is strictly prohibited, speed limit is restricted, documentation is mandatory, then why there is no check on gas-kits and also demanded that the school vans carrying girl students must have a female attendant, vehicles should have proper agreement with schools, the vans must also have CCTVs installed to keep check on activities inside the vehicle.


l Female attendant in van
l CCTVs must be installed
l Stickers mentioning gas-kit must be pasted
l Proper documents and registration of vehicle
l Uniform code of drivers with registered token number
l Details/credentials of driver printed on vehicles with mobile number