Sanitary pads exempted from GST; TV, fridge, washing machines to get cheaper

NEW DELHI, Jul 21: In a big relief for millions of consumers, the Centre on Saturday conceded to a year-long demand and slashed GST rates on a wide range of daily use appliances and products.
The announcement in this regard was made by Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal following a meeting of the GST Council, which decided to reduce tax rates on a wide range of daily use appliances and products.
Conceding a year-long demand, sanitary pads today exempted from GST as the GST Council reduced tax rates on several daily use products and appliances.
The plea to exempt sanitary napkin from GST has been going on for a long time.
“Sanitary napkins to be exempted from Goods & Services Tax (GST),” said Finance Minister Piyush Goyal.
Goyal said that while GST tax on sanitary pads was cut from 12% to zero, rakhis were exempted from the tax.
In January this year, a group of students from Gwalior had launched a campaign by writing messages on sanitary napkins to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to exempt the taxes levied on the product and make it free of cost
Goyal also said that the GST council has cleared 46 amendments which will be passed in Parliament. “Besides revenue collection, the GST council will now focus on job creation as well,” Goyal said.
The new tax rates will be effective from July 27.
A special meeting of GST council will be held on 4 August in Delhi that will be focussed on MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ) sector.