Thailand cave rescue: Australian divers given diplomatic immunity before the mission

Sydney, Jul 16: The two Australian divers -Dr Craig Challen and Dr Richard Harris – involved in the risky Thailand cave rescue were given diplomatic immunity before the mission, in case something went awry during the rescue operation. The diplomatic immunity came after negotiations between Australian and Thai Government officials, an official source confirmed to ABC News.
Retired Perth vet Craig Challen and his fellow expert cave diver, anaesthetist Dr Richard “Harry” Harris, played a key role in the rescue operation of team ‘Wild Boar’. British diver Jason Mallinson said without Dr Harris, the mission would have failed.
When I first arrived in Thailand I thought the mission would be a recovery rather than a rescue, Dr Challen told Perth’s Sunday Times, adding, he didn’t think that the team would survive underground for months.
The three-day long rescue mission was practised on the ground before being executed in the caves. The soccer team practised inside the caves. (Agencies)