Pakistanis think Imran Khan will be next PM, but why?

Islamabad, Jul 16: Most Pakistanis, when asked, seem to believe their next prime minister will be cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. While this excites some, others are disillusioned by the thought.
Irrespective of what people think, Khan’s prospects in the July 25 elections seem to be the brightest ever in his political career. “His party may not win a landslide victory but what we are seeing is a coalition government headed by Imran Khan,” says journalist Rafat Saeed.
Others insist that while Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party may win enough seats to lead a coalition, his candidature as premier won’t be acceptable to all quarters. “He is unpredictable and strong-headed. In the past, such candidates have not gone down well with the military establishment,” says an observer.
As things stand, the might of the establishment – the military, the judiciary and the bureaucracy – seems to be behind Khan. Even the Taliban and other terror groups appear to have given their silent approval. They have stayed away from bombing rallies held by Khan’s party.
In contrast, as was also seen in the 2013 elections, left of center parties such as the Awami National Party and the Pakistan People’s Party have stopped rallies for fear of attacks. Only last week, the Taliban targeted an ANP rally in Peshawar and the party is still trying to recover from the death of a senior leader. (Agencies)